July 19, 2016

Angela ~ Plans for Sewing!

Well, I actually have plans to sew something!
Buttercup is helping me out there.

I bought this 90% cotton, thin T-shirt fabric today at Walmart.  And some elastic and needles for knits.

So for about the same amount of money that I would spend on a new package of undies, I have supplies to make my own and will probably get more than the ones in the package.  Yes I could still buy them, but I am tired of repairing the stitching that comes apart within a couple of months, the holes that occur at the waistband and the waistbands being too tight now because they are skimping on the amount of elastic needed.  
And I came up with a couple of better ideas so mine will last even longer.  I am going to do flat felled seams so there is no seam line that digs in or shows or rips apart due to shoddy stitching.
I am going to fold over the fabric and put the elastic inside the waistband so it won't rip out or cut into me, especially when it's hot out.

Wish me luck!  I've never made undies before, except for pantaloons for a renaissance costume.


desertskyquilts said...

Good luck! But you are an experienced sewing person, so it should work out great, and much better than the ones in a package.

Moira said...

You are braver than I am! I need to find ones that hold up and fit.......but I'm soooooo not gonna make them. =)

Cyra said...

I think Buttercup approves.

ladyhawthorne said...

Buttercup was pretty mellow as she had just had a nap. She can definitely give her opinion at times though.

Judy S. said...

Looks like I'm about to do some sewing, too, as Sophia has requested a nightgown for her b'day. And here I am working on a sweater. Who knew? LOL

Barbara Curiel said...

I think making undies is a great idea, and it sounds like you have some good ideas for making them exactly the way you want them. I hope you'll report back on your project.

Suztats said...

I think that's adventurous sewing you have planned, Angela. I'm sure you'll make better quality undies than the ones you've had. Brave.