June 7, 2016

Suz: a wee bit of stitching

Warm, sunny weather means that I've been spending lots of time in the gardens, and little time stitching. There is a bit of progress on the crewel piece.

Over a padding of stem stitch, rows of  bullion knots in alternating  colours took several hours to stitch.

This row is completed, but I still need to add a row of beads, an outside row of padded buttonhole stitch, plus more couching with the metallic thread before this flower is done. Then the two leaves will be stitched.

How it all looks so far:

 That's it for me this week. If you're interested, you can see garden photos on my blog

Hugs from Suz



Cyra said...

Oh Suz, I really love your flowers. I popped over to your blog to see your garden and I love the fairy garden area, so cute to see those happy little sprites peeping out from the flowers.

ladyhawthorne said...

Love those bullion knots and alternating the color is brilliant!

Suztats said...

I can't take credit for that ladyhawthorne as it's in the book. I did choose my own colours, though, but the design is Hazel Blomkamp's.

Barbara C said...

Those bullion knots are fabulous. The alternating colors really make them special.

Debra Dixon said...

Your jacobean piece is turning into a favorite!