June 14, 2016

Suz: Secret Project Update

I mentioned several times that I had been working on a secret project, but I couldn't share any photos. Well, now I can. The project was a challenge and a fundraiser for EAC Seminar 2016. Participating members purchased a Mystery Bag and the challenge was to create a 5" x 7" piece using some of every item in the bag, plus 1 optional item.
The contents of my Mystery Bag were : 1 piece of burgundy leather, 1 piece of patterned pink organza, 5 pink, plastic discs with a center hole, 3 pink and two purple small ( silk? ) paper pieces, some perle pink thread, a second crisp pink thread, a sample of Highland Heather thread, and a piece of white, even-weave fabric all contained in a fabric bag. The optional item I chose was a variegated thread. The colour varied from a pale pink to burgundy.
Deciding that the theme of my piece would be a fantasy garden, I began by making organza flower petals, using the variegated thread.

Once the petals were stitched, I cut them out, then singed around each one.

I tatted a center for the flower, added the plastic discs, then stitched on the petals. Two flowers were made in this way, plus a third one, using the purple paper to create the look of a flower bud just beginning to open.

I'd decided to use the fabric bag as t he support for the garden. I created two openings, stitched with buttonhole stitch to secure the fabric.

The even-weave fabric piece was used to create the garden bed, using stitch to manipulate the fabric. The pattern is dragonscale using a smocking technique. ( re Daenerys Targaryen's dragonscale dress from Game of Thrones, embroidered by Michele Carragher)

Next, the burgundy leather was cut into shapes for stems, calyx, and leaves.

The stems and leaves were attached to the fabric bag front using buttonhole stitch and most of the Highlands Heather thread.
 The small flower in the upper right used almost all the fine, pink thread in the kit. A leather center is attached with buttonhole stitch, then surrounded by layers of buttonhole lace.
You can see the flower in bud using the purple paper and petals of the pink organza below the buttonhole lace flower.
The pink papers were used for the flower stems. On top of the papers, I added gathered lengths of singed organza topped with tatted Josephine Knot clusters in the variegated thread.

The same thread was twisted to create the flower stems. Some feather stitch and double feather stitched stems were added, along with a few flower sprays. French knots secure the manipulated fabric to the fabric bag. More Josephine Knot clusters edge the bottom of the manipulated fabric.
I stitched up each side of the fabric bag and placed it over an acrylic photo frame to display my piece for the Mystery Bag competition.

 I did not win a prize, but I did have a lot of fun creating this piece, and I learned a few new things along the way.

Hugs from Suz


ladyhawthorne said...

Just gorgeous! Wow, what a challenge to create with all those odd things.

Cyra said...

Love it. What an interesting challenge. You do come up with some very interesting, and creative, things. I would have been stumped at the burgundy leather, lol.

Moira said...

An interesting challenge for sure. I love to watch the things you create develop and how they turn out.

desertskyquilts said...

That's an amazing piece. If it didn't win a prize, I can only imagine something else was even more so, but I don't see how it could be! I couldn't imagine what you would do with the leather, but I loved seeing how the piece progressed and the finish. Great job in difficult circumstances! =)