June 21, 2016

Susan: Piecing, not Stitching

It's been a week of making blocks, to catch up, and now the rest of the month, I hope to concentrate on stitching projects. Here are some of the blocks I made this week. If you notice a similarity to Moira's post, it's because a) we belong to some of the same projects, and b) she was here from Monday late afternoon through Thursday morning.

There was also this block that didn't turn out right. Bad pattern.

Then there were the lotto blocks for June. This was so much fun ... once I figured out what I was doing wrong!


ladyhawthorne said...

I'm not sure what didn't turn out right as all your blocks look great to me. And piecing is part of the stitching process!

Suztats said...

Quite often doing all the pieces takes the most time, I think. Love the colours in the lotto blocks.

Barbara Curiel said...

Great blocks! The lotto blocks are really intriguing.

Cyra said...

Well there it is again... for some reason the colours you have in your first set of blocks keep jumping out at me (in a good way). These particular colours seem to be 'calling' to me, with the addition of black. It may happen someday, but at the moment I have no time to start another project.
But I sure can admire yours.
And your lotto blocks look fun to make.