June 7, 2016

Moira: Busy week

The days just seem to get busier than ever around my place as teh end of the school year arrives.   Just one more day for me....woohoo.........(the other teachers have through Wednesday to make it through).    Tuesday morning I'll hit the road on the way back to Purdue and a 2 day conference there that will be the sum total of my prof. development for the year.

I'll be seeing a few friends while there in Lafayette, and then will start on the rest of my road trip through Indiana, Tennessee and Texas before heading home.   A little nervous about the coming job interview in TX, but after the last couple of weeks I really, really want a different job.   Hoping this works out.

Sewing and project-wise I've been able to finish up a few things -

I finished the leather knife sheaths on Sunday.   They were shipped back out to my friend who commissioned them on Monday.   Am glad to have these done and heading back to their owner.  =)  The braided loop below is the moveable hanging strap that he wanted me to make for the sheaths.

Next up were two more mug rugs. Finished the lion after covering up where I'd made a booboo and never noticed for years....sigh.  He is now holding a lovely pink flower (applique).

I then added a final blue border to the patriotic one.  Both are quilted and bound.   =)

And the final two blocks finished are the late March block for the block design contest and the one for May.  May's block was to be based on the traditional Drunkard's Path block.

I pieced the background from my scraps and bits and pieces that have been left over from the other blocks that I've made for this contest.  The quarter circles for the drunkards path are machine appliqued and edge-stitched to hold in place.  At this point I'm thinking I'll name the block path to the stars.

Not sure how much I'll get posted over the next three weeks....but maybe while at Susans next week.  =)


ladyhawthorne said...

Great projects all around.
Love lion with his flower and the quilt blocks are wonderful. Good title for the drunkard's path block.

Suztats said...

So many nice finishes. I love the mug rugs and the Drunkard's path variation.

Cyra said...

Great to get the sheaths finished, they look good and sturdy for the job.
Love the mug rugs and that good idea to cover a 'oops' with the rose.
I really like the March block with (what I see) sailing yachts (or they could be flags flying).
Another great week from you Moira. Hope you have a great break on your travels. I look forward to hearing about your adventures and how the job interview goes.

Barbara C said...

Beautiful projects, that last quilt is really striking, and your leatherwork is elegant. Good luck on your job interview, I hope you get the position that you want.

Debra Dixon said...

Where are you interviewing in TX?

Moira said...

Cyra - you are correct, they are yachts going around the block. =)

Barbara - the last one is just a 12 inch block that I'm entering in this month's competition.