June 7, 2016

Barbara's Pillow Talk

I took the house blocks I'd recently made and sewed them into a pillow.  It feels good to be finished with these blocks.  

Continuing with the house theme, I sewed up another pillow with a piece of machine embroidery from Debra, and various home dec fabrics.

These make a nice group on one end of the day bed in my sewing room.

I got pillows for the other end of the day bed from this huipil--a traditional Mexican embroidered tunic--given to me by my friend Maria.  She loved this huipil and wore it until there were threadbare spots in the loose-weave cotton.

I did some very basic repairs on some of the holes, zig-zaging over the frayed edges and backing the fragile fabric with some white cotton.  Then I fussy cut some pillows from the fabric.

One of the small pillows is for Maria, as a thank you for sharing this beautiful embroidered fabric.

All of these pillows are backed with the banded portions of the fabric, and I have some pieces left over--maybe for some zippered bags.


Suztats said...

Ooooh, love those pillows! The oranges on the blue really pop, and the huipil fabric is gorgeous. Maria is sure to love the pillow.

Cyra said...

Gorgeous pillows. Love the patchwork houses and the embroidered featured bits on the others. A great way to show them off.
Great upcycle for the huipil.
A fabulous show-and-tell Barbara.

ladyhawthorne said...

Great pillow you made from the house blocks, they are so cool. And nice re-use of the huipil.

Moira said...

Great pillows! Love house you reused the huipil.

Debra Dixon said...

Excellent! What a great grouping of pillows!!