June 21, 2016

Barbara's ketjusilmukkahuivi (scarf)

I recently crocheted this fun scarf from a free pattern.   Ketjusilmukkahuivi(scarf) is written in Finnish, but other folks have decoded the  simple pattern and have very helpful notes on Ravelry.

You can either cut the yarn for fringe at the end of each row, or you can just crochet continuously.  At the end I hand sewed some tiny leaf beads onto the edges for added weight.

My scarf was made from a discontinued microfiber yarn with long color repeats.  I've seen others made from crochet cotton, which is often plentiful in thrift stores.  Use the hook appropriate to your yarn.

My scarf was made roughly as follows:

Chain 350 stitches, the pattern repeat is 10 double crochets and 15 chain stitches. 
At the beginning of each row, chain 3 (for the new row) then follow with 2 dc, and proceed with the pattern.  
End each row with 2 dc.  

This is a very flexible pattern.  If your math doesn't work out, go with the flow.  You can also vary the numbers of chains and double crochets to make the scarf more or less solid, for example, 5 dc and 5 chain stitches. 


Suztats said...

I love the look of this scarf!! So pretty, too.

ladyhawthorne said...

What a fun scarf, but just looking at the Finnish name gave me a headache, lol.

Cyra said...

What a fun scarf. Love your choice of yarns too. It won't be too heavy to wear, but will still keep you warm. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

Moira said...

That is a fun looking scarf! Thanks for the instructions on how you made it. I'm going to "file" this away as a project for the future.

Judy S. said...

Looks like a fun pattern! I wonder whether my Finnish bil could pronounce this?!