June 28, 2016

Angela ~ Too Hot to Think

It's too hot to even think here in N Central Texas.  It hovers between 97 and 103 every day ( that's in Fahrenheit).  August has arrived in June this year and apparently we can thank El Nino.  Great.

I'm watering the garden every other day and gathering bowls full of tomatoes, Yay!

In my nice cool room I spend hours working on Ebay listings, I thought of you, Cyra as one item was going to New Zealand this week.

Come 4pm I'm chief cook & dishwasher.  And 8pm I'm watering and weedeating the dallis grass that grows like the weed it is even in drought conditions.  

I keep thinking I will at least take a photo of the garden, but when I get out there I just want to get done and go back to my cool room.

The Mexican Hats and a couple other things are still blooming but pretty much all else has shut down for the heat of summer.


Judy S. said...

Hi Angela! It's been crazy busy here lately with unexpected company. Your temps have really been soaring; here people start to whine when it's over eighty. We are wimps, aren't we? I hope to get back to more regular posting soon. Hugs from WA!

Cyra said...

Oh wow, sorry to hear about your soaring temperatures there. Thats a bit hot (ok, a lot hot for me). I'll not be moving to Texas anytime soon.
Good to know you are getting International sales on ebay. Well done.

Suztats said...

Oh, wow, that is too hot! I'd be melting at those temperatures for sure. No wonder the plants shut down, but it seems to be good for the tomatoes. My plants have only just started flowering so it'll be a while before any fruit can be picked. Keep cool.

Barbara Curiel said...

I hope you get a break in the heat. I can't imagine doing gardening in those temperatures.