May 3, 2016

Suz: May and Waiting for Spring

Although the calendar says it's spring, the warm temperatures have yet to arrive. So, instead of gardening, I've been stitching.
The Embroidery Guilds are creating roses in different stitches for the Embroidery Guild of Canada to use as a visual teaching tool. The rose pattern is of a simple wild rose with 5 petals. Here's what I've been doing:

Using a perle cotton #5, I outlined the rose shape in a variation of an outline stitch.

Then I began to add rows of a buttonhole lace variation. You know how much I love buttonhole lace, don't you?

My progress so far. I should have this rose completed by bedtime tonight. ;-)

I'd previously completed a rose in cutwork, but I can't find any photos of it, and it's already been handed in........ silly me

On the crewel piece, I've almost finished all the petal sections of padded satin stitch! Yay!  Just a few more to go.........

You can see the shimmer of the floss in this earlier photo

 I've finished up this wrapping cloth piece! On the pocket that sits on top of the pocket of my favourite blouse, I added a cutwork circle with reverse applique. A bit of tatted frill surrounds the circle.....

The row of packed bullions morphed into some flowers.......

and the pocket button sports a few beads

some lace and beads make a pretty trim

and the finished piece goes into the pile!

On the new piece, (and last of the pieced wrapping cloth pieces!) mother of pearl beads play on the circle theme of the lace.

Three prairie point tips have been opened to allow for pretty titivations. More bullions will  be added to the third one.
There are little crystal beads in the circle beads, reflecting the light.

I love how the beads catch the light.

This lace is so pretty with the flowers and leaves pattern. I'm pondering outlining the shapes and maybe adding some beads here and there.

The wrapping cloth piece in progress.

The magnolia is just about ready to burst into flower.

Ah, the promise of spring!

I hope you've had a wonderful and creative week.

Hugs from Suz


ladyhawthorne said...

I love the rose, so pretty and unique. All the pastels in the crewel piece are gorgeous as well as the wrapping cloth sections. You've been having lots of fun!

cq4fun said...

Buttonhole lace is one way to find spring! A beautiful job of stitching. I love the beads and lace and tatting on your wrapping piece, too.

Debra Dixon said...

The circles on the last piece are very nice-brings a modern look to the stitching.

Cyra said...

OooooH! what more can I say but another Ooooh!

Judy S. said...

Love your buttonhole lace; I had no idea that was a possibility! All of your projects are wonderful. Our spring has definitely sprung, and we've been gardening pretty much non stop!

Barbara C said...

Your embroidery is so beautiful, the variagated thread in the rose really adds dimension. Your magnolias are also gorgeous.