May 10, 2016

Suz: May 10

I finished this block for my Purple Project, thinking to send it away to The Kindness Quilt Project promoted by Vickie Boster, and then realized it was too large.


 So I trimmed another of the purple blocks to the correct size, and  then had fun embellishing it.

This block will be in the mail tomorrow. If you'd like to know more about The Kindness Quilt Project, click  here

The next block in the Purple Project is awaiting needle and thread.

Although I've been busy in the gardens, there has been a bit more stitching.........

All the padded satin stitching is finished on this flower, and I've begun adding the petal outline in a dark blue. sorry this is a bit blurred

Here's how the 2 flowers look together. I hope to make more progress on the crewel piece this coming week, maybe even finishing flower #2.

More machine stitching has been added to the silk panel, somewhat distorting its shape.  Since this is a garden panel, and since gardens are seldom exact, I think the distortion adds a bit of character and interest. (which is really good, because I think ripping out all that stitching at the bottom would be a bear)
The next step is to add hand embroidery using a variety of threads.

The wrapping cloth piece also received a little time. The third prairie point is filled with bullions, and the beginning of some french knots is shown.

Some embroidery has been added to the lace portion to help  (I hope)define and enhance the flower shapes. Lots more stitching needed yet.

The tatted piece is sewn to the front of a card that went out in the mail.

I first stitched this flower design on the inside flap then the border was created when the tatting was added to the front.

I liked it so much, I made a second card, but used a different thread in the bobbin to make a second flower on the inside flap. 
These were fun to do.

That's my week. I hope yours was filled with sunshine and creativity.

Hugs from Suz


ladyhawthorne said...

I love all the purples! I'm really enjoying your work on the silk panel piece, very creative!

mmcspadden said...

the purple blocks are beautiful. Love the idea of using the tatted piece on the front of a card, and of just stitching a design on the second card. Great ideas to think about.

Cyra said...

Love your purple projects, and it's so lovely to see the weekly progress on the Jacobean flowers, I really like how colourful it is turning out.
Great creative thinking on those cards.
A very interesting week.

cq4fun said...

What a nice variety of things you've been doing. I loved seeing you doing some CQ again. I always like your stitching. I loved one of the laces on the block you're sending away, too. It looks like you've been having fun!

Debra Dixon said...

That's a lot of stitching for someone who didn't stitch much this week.
I really like the garden panel and the darker of the 2 jacobean flowers.