May 17, 2016

Suz: Cold May

May has been a cold month so far. We even had snow flurries the other day. Where are the sunny, warm days of spring?

I've made a little progress on crewel flower #2. The dark blue seems to make the other colours pop.
 A couple seam treatments are in progress on the new purple project CQ block. Don't you love the zing of that green rayon thread?

French knots for the flower centers.

The butterfly and daisies are awaiting needle and thread.
I'm pleased with this so far.

I've been playing with Sheila Heneise's  Angel with Paisley Wings.

It's a cute little angel

 I added beads for the halo and to the skirt bottom to add a bit of weight.
On the fourth angel, I changed the starting point to close with a split ring for the head. This way I can incorporate a hanger from the thread ends. The beads on the skirt, though, are too big. I played with the stitch counts here and there. I think I like the shape of the first one best, but I also like the small beads.  I'm in the middle of tatting angel #5. These are so cute, and small enough to include in a card, so I may be making more of these for Christmas.
That's my week. I hope yours has been a fun and creative one.
Hugs from Suz


ladyhawthorne said...

You are so right about the blue on the crewel flower, just wonderful. Great seam treatments and both the daisies and the butterfly seem to repeat the flower shapes on the printed cloth in the center ;-)
The angels are very cute too!

Cyra said...

Love the blue edging on the flower, works very well. Interesting seams again. You do come up with some lovely combinations. The angel project looks great. A nice little personal gift to include in a card, or hang on the tree.

Moira said...

the angels are lovely. I like how you've added the beads into the tatting on them.

cq4fun said...

Love your angels. I agree with you about the blue around your flower, too. The seams are always interesting on your blocks. I do love that green, and the flowers you did, too. What are those? They look familiar, but I am not sure how you made them.

Judy S. said...

Your little angels are adorable! Love your stitching, too; the best thing about crummy weather is that you don't have to feel guilty for not being out in the garden working!

Suztats said...

cq4fun the flowers are cast-on stitch with a french knot in the center.