May 17, 2016

Susan: CQJP2016 April Update

I'm linking this to Jenny Stitchery Linky because the center postcard is from the ones Jenny and Allie are designing as a BOM this year. I've almost finished this block, one seam to go! Here's the new work.

Seam 26, all Sassa Lynne fine perle threads:

Now seams 27-28, which is all sort of one thing. Seam 27 is the wavy part, Sassa Lynne for the chains and running stitches, Aurifil cotton 12 for the greens. Also Sassa Lynne for the floral chains and French knots, with the Aurifil green for the straight stitches.

Whole block, one seam to go:


Suztats said...

This is a great looking block. I love the undulating seam treatment. Love those Sassa Lynne threads.

mmcspadden said...

love the block!

ladyhawthorne said...

Absolutely gorgeous, my favorite seam is still the one with the stars.

Cyra said...

Aw that block is so lovely. Love the center piece patch embroidery.

Judy S. said...

Perfect, Susan. I love your stitching on this one.