May 3, 2016

Susan: CQJP2016 April Block

The bare block:

Seams 21 and 22:


Seam 23, still have to figure out a little more on this one:


Where the seams are on the bottom of the block:



ladyhawthorne said...

A great start. 23 looks to me like a line of stick people with their arms raised, kind of like a chorus line.....must be the weird side of my brain seeing that, lol.

Judy S. said...

These blocks are going to make an beautiful quilt! I love her designs and what you've done with them.

Debra Dixon said...

Pretty and so delicate!

Cyra said...

Adore your threads and stitching. So pretty and delicate.

Suztats said...

I love seams 21 and 22! This block is already so pretty! very p

Barbara C said...

Such lovely work on your block!