May 24, 2016

Moira: end of school madness

The end of school is fast approaching and life seems to be going crazy as a result.  Finished up the last major to-do for the club last night and am glad to be with that for this school year.

Finished up a couple of things this week, and started several others.

Among the finishes were two scrub tops made with halloween fabric featuring Mickey Mouse and friends. Also finished was the flannel quilt top I put together a couple of weeks ago after adding the border to it.   This one will be donated to Sunshine quilts.  And I put the binding onto the latest snack mat as well.

I've continued working on the knife sheaths and have the final coat of stain on all 4 now.   Next up is are two coats of a sealant so that the stain won't come off when wet (well at least not as badly!).  Then the glueing and stitching.   My plan is to finish all of that thsi week.   Plan is to get them all done over the long weekend and ship them out on Tuesday next week.

I also started to work on another commission - this one a liner for an old metal tub.   I've got part of it together, and am starting on the backing for the main part of the tub.   This is another one that I'm aiming to have finished off by the end of the coming long weekend.

Plans for the coming holiday weekend include finishing up the knife sheaths (shipping them out on Tuesday), finishing the tub liner, finishing up the contest block for March that I didn't get submitted, getting the contest block for May designed and started, and basting/quilting the tornado quilt.  

And thinking of vacation, I've also been busy planning out a 3 wk road trip.  Lots going on in it.....a professional development type 2 day conference at Purdue University, then visiting friends in Indiana, off to Tennessee to visit with Susan for a couple of days and then down into Texas for a week to visit friends and family and interview for a job possibility down there.  =)


Suztats said...

Sounds like a busy week to be followed by more of the same! ;-)
Wonderful finishes. I get tired just reading about your plans. Hope you have a wonderful vacation and that the job works out for you.

cq4fun said...

I see you won't be haunting the bars again this holiday weekend. =) You have people ask you to do the most interesting things! It's amazing what that border did for the flannel quilt. Looking forward to seeing you. Hope I have the A/C worked out by then!

Judy S. said...

For this being the May crazies, you sure accomplish a lot. And really nice work, too!

Cyra said...

Love your scrubs. It's great to see all the different fabrics that could bring a bit of sunshine and laughter into a day when people/patients are feeling miserable.
I'm intrigued. What is the metal tub with the fabric liner going to be used for?

Moira said...

I believe the tub/liner are just meant to be decorative. The inside of the tub itself is in pretty rough shape and my coworker just wants to hide the inside.

And nope, no haunting bars, no out-of-town's time to put my nose to the grindstone as it were to get projects done before heading out on vacation. =)

ladyhawthorne said...

Lots of wonderful projects, looks like a perfect complimentary fabric for the tub. Hope you have a wonderful vacation and let us know more about that TX job.