May 17, 2016

Judy~ It's Nuts Here!

It's been a bit crazy here, but I have finished a couple of things.  You can go to my blog and see the rest of the story. Ginger has claimed the leftovers from the Monster project and was using it as a pillow until Dick took the photo.

That is the strangest yarn; sometimes it looks gray, sometimes green, and in the photo below, blue. It's really blue-grey.

The other project that was finished was fun to do.  It is a kit that includes the cat's body parts which are sewn on at the end. There were other animal choices as well as a cat.  So this is what's been going on here; I still have a sweater to sew together, but that will keep till another day.

And one last picture of Miss Stella wearing her new hat and much happier than she was yesterday. Poor little tyke! (She broke her collar bone on Sunday.)

Heal quickly Missy!  And the rest of you have an awesome week.


ladyhawthorne said...

I love all your critters including Ginger. Stella looks to be pretty happy no matter what.

Suztats said...

Poor Stella! She looks cute in her new hat. Love the kitty scarf! Mr. Blue-Green Smiley is adorable.

Cyra said...

Haha, aren't we a load of mad cat-loving crafters.
Ginger looks a bit offended at having a photo taken during nap time.
Blue/green/grey Monster is cute, and so is the cat scarf and Stella.

Moira said...

Great work on the projects. Hope Stella heals quickly.

cq4fun said...

Ouch, broken collarbone, and so little! Love your monster and your cat. That yarn changing colors is so unusual, too. I like it in green. LOL

Dar said...

What cute little animal projects you've been working on. I love the picture of Ginger with HER yarn pillow. Stella looks real cute in her pink hat. What a terrible thing to have broken her collarbone at such a young age. Hope she heals quickly.

Gari in AL said...

What a great set of animals, especially the scarf. I don't knit for my grands, or great grands, because they would be 30 by the time something was completed.