May 10, 2016

Angela ~ Minor Vintage Repairs

The only stitching I've done this week was some minor repair to things going up for sale on Ebay.
These 2 lovely pieces had to have remnants of veil removed and some stitching reinforced.
Don't you just love the colors of this one?
This one just screams Hollywood to me.
I picked up 17 vintage hats at a sale at our local museum.  It's small and they can only hold so much.  They were a great bargain at 50¢ each!


Suztats said...

Wow! Great buy, Angela. Hope they sell quickly for you...... ;-)

Debra Dixon said...

Let me know when they are listed.
Over the years my various dogs have eaten all but a few of my vintage hats. It would be fun to restart my collection.

mmcspadden said...

Love the hats...esp. the colors of the second one and the veil on the last one. Here's hoping they sell quickly for you!

Cyra said...

Oh my giddy aunt, I so love these hats. If only I went out to places that would warrant wearing a hat. They wouldn't have quite the same effect wearing them in my garden. I'm so in love the last one. I want to be a Hollywood star.

cq4fun said...

$2 for all four hats??? What a steal! I hope you make some good money from eBay for them. I'm fondest of the first one. =)