April 26, 2016

Suz: April Snow

Yes, snow in April! When the rain should be falling to herald spring, turn the grasses green, and the flowers to burst forth from the earth, we've had two days of snow.
I'm happy there's not been much accumulation, since the snow melts quickly on the roads and gardens, but it's too cold to work outside and plant my spring bulbs. I guess I'll just have to stay indoors and stitch. Woe is me.....  ;-D   lol!
Last week was a busy one with three days out and then company, so not as much stitching happened.
My new thread order arrived!
Aren't the colours yummy?!
I can't wait to use them!

One road trip found me at The Creative Festival in Toronto, where I bought these threads

and these beautiful beads!

 A second road trip took me to my favourite second-hand shop. I found some lovely treasures for my wrapping cloth fabric stash!

hankies, doilies and a small table cloth.....or square runner

hankies with stitching, with crocheted edges, with lace inserts, and even a tatted edging

cutwork hankies, too.

How many hankies?


this pretty lace is on each of the 4 corners

so delicate

prettily edged with tatting

filet crocheted edging on the table cloth

Wouldn't this make a gorgeous gift bag? There is a large stain, but I'm sure it could easily be covered with some embroidery.........and that way I could keep this cloth intact.

 I did make some progress on the wrapping cloth piece.

The blouse pocket flap has been adorned with buttonhole lace. The tab on the flap side has multiple rows of lace.

a different angle

a row of cast-on stitch chains

the beginnings of a row of  clustered bullion loops

and my progress so far

some road-trip tatting might find its way onto the wrapping cloth

That's my week. I hope yours has brought you many happy moments and lots of creativity.
Hugs from Suz


ladyhawthorne said...

Now that's what I call shopping! You'll have hours of fun with the threads and linens.

cq4fun said...

Very interesting tatting - I guess you were not the driver! Your purchases all look so very lovely and I know you can hardly wait to use them - threads and all the pretty hankies and doilies, too - in projects just like the current one.

Debra Dixon said...

Girl! Nice stash enhancement there!

Moira said...

Lots of wonderful goodies for your stash there. =)

Cyra said...

Oh wow. Threads to die for.
Wrapping cloth is rather beautiful, and all those new whites for your stash, oh my. You must be on cloud 9.