April 12, 2016

Susan: Nada

There were lots of good intentions, but you know where those lead. I did finish these embroidery pieces for my Jenny's Christmas Wreath from last year. The pattern is still available on her Craftsy site for $4.95.

Other than that, and a little quilting, all that was accomplished here was this:

The roof is not dented and the swirl is my license plate, but the trunk is wiped, as is the bumper and the lower side panel. =P On the plus side, my son is okay, and it wasn't his fault, though he feels bad for "ruining your car" and won't hear that it wasn't his fault, even though the police report says so, and the other driver accepted responsibility.


Moira said...

Ugh.....so sorry about the car accident. I'm glad though that it is repairable, that the other driver took responsibility, and that the kiddo is ok.

Stitchings turned out great.

ladyhawthorne said...

I was wondering about the swirl, I thought it was a new car design! You can't beat family and love whether it's stitching or anything else.

Cyra said...

Your son probably feels guilty for it 'happening' on his watch. Glad he's ok though, that's the main thing.
*Family* & *Love* are great words to remember when things go wrong. Great stitchings.

Suztats said...

Thank goodness your son is okay! Family and Love are tops.