April 26, 2016

Moira: Small Finishes

Progress was made this last week on a few fronts.  The bigges project I've been working on is a commissioned quilt that I'm making as a gift for a friend.  It has several outfits he wore a a newborn and at few months old.   And a Daniel Tiger block because that is his favorite tv show.  fabrics for the most part are flannels which aren't my favorite to work with.   I've backed it with solid grey flannel and have it quilted.  It will be bound in the same grey polka dot fabric used for the letters.

Got a pair of flannel pillowcases made for a Christmas gift for my mom done.

Next up was taking a piece of cross-stitch I finished on Friday and putting it into a snack mat with a remnant of cardinal fabric.   It's backed with the same fabric as in the right side of it.   This will also be a Christmas gift and will go to a friend of mine in Phoenix.

Last thing worked on was the binding for four of the six snack mats that were quilted last week.  Only two more to go there but I need to find fabric for the bindings on them.

And what would it be if I didn't start
another project......altho this one wasn't planned.  I had tried cutting the strips needed for the binding on the last two snack mats and then realized I cut them in the wrong direction - oops.   So not wanting tons of seams in the binding, I decided to use them to make blocks for a different project.  So I cut the remaining strips and squared them up to 6" unfinished in order to minimize waste.  Have the design worked out, just need now to pull a fabric that will coordinate with the blue polka-dotted batik and make the remaining  blocks I need for the quilt top and sew them all together.


Suztats said...

Such lovely project, Moira. The cat pillow cases are cute, the snack-mat bindings work beautifully, and the quilt looks very huggable. Another busy week.... ;-D

ladyhawthorne said...

Love the cute kitties and all the pretty snack mats. You never run out of ideas!

Judy S. said...

Fun projects and lots of them even though you call them small!

cq4fun said...

Serendipity is so sweet! I like the print on that bottom picture - from the mis-cut strip. Those cat pillowcases are so cute!

Debra Dixon said...

Adorable baby quilt!

Cyra said...

Lots going on in your world again Moira. Love your snack mats and the new quilt.