April 12, 2016

Moira: Playing with UFO blocks and other goodies

Was a busy week last week with last minute prep for the Wyoming State Skills Conference (and contests) that I and 4 other advisors are taking 19 kids to this week.   Headed up there on Sunday and I'll be back sometime Wednesday afternoon after my weekly appointment with the Hematologist and bloodwork.  Will get back in time for Parent-Teacher conferences.....oh joy...........

At any rate, this week I've managed to hem 3 shirts up so that they weren't too long for me to wear at the conference, and added fabric to embellish 4 kitchen towels for a wedding present.  

I also got the scrappy solid blocks together and the border onto the quilt top.   Didn't manage to sew it together the way I'd laid it out, but like it better the way it turned out.

Also played with 2 different sets of UFO blocks.  Both are destined to be Sunshine quilts, so once the tops are complete they will be headed off to someone else to quilt and bind.  

The quilt top with the polka dot fabric is waiting for me to have time to go stash-diving for border fabric.   The blocks were made by another gal using focus fabric I had supplied.

And the star blocks are waiting for me to figure out whether I want sashing and cornerstones to finish off, or if I just want to sew them together and add a border or two to finish it off.  Did have to add two blocks to this one to make the count even.


ladyhawthorne said...

Great projects all around, pretty towels!

Cyra said...

Love, love, love your scrappy solids quilt. I really like black and white used in conjunction with solids like that.

desertskyquilts said...

Lots of great projects going at once. Hope you have time for working on one or all of them this weekend!

Suztats said...

So many wonderful projects! Love the scrappy.