April 19, 2016

Moira - Cross-stitch and more

Very short week for me  at school......but long week away from home thanks to the conference I was at with 17 kids and 3 other advisors.   Came home to one day at school and then a 3-day weekend.   I think I'm finally recovered!  Good thing too 'cause there are only 7 wks total left to this school year, and only 6 wks before the seniors are out of school.   Lots to be done between then and now.

While at the conference I finished three more little cross-stitch kits.   All will end up in either quilted postcards, snack mats, or mug rugs.

Since I had yesterday off and ended up staying home except for a quick trip to Walmart for sewing machine oil (had intended to head to Cheyenne but weather cancelled that trip) I was able to get some sewing done here.   Finished off the binding on the snack mat that was in process.

And then I took one of the cross-stitch pieces I'd finished at the conference and put it into a snack mat.  This will most likely be put up for sale.

Made a snack mat out of one of the umpteen finished cross-stitch pieces that I've made over the years.  Scraps were used for the setting fabric on the front and more for the backing.  One FQ made the ultimate sacrifice for the binding.

The final thing I've finished off before the weekend was over was to get borders on all of the blocks in this quilt so that I could trim them to the same size.   Several of them were 1/4 inch too small in one or both directions.   The green and lavender colors in the borders were pulled from the blue floral prints used in some of the blocks.   The top finished at 45" by 60" in size and most likely will be donated.

Did get the next "commissioned" project well underway over the weekend as well.   This is a memory quilt using baby clothes for a good friend that I used to work with at Joann's.   It'll be a gift for her 'cause I didn't get anything made when the munchkin was born (already had bibs made that she got then).  She chose and bought most of the fabrics for it.   I'll be using pics of it (and her testimonial) to show what I can doon things like this.

Most of the fabrics are flannel which she provided.  The Daniel Tiger block was made from a coloring page and his fav show.   I still need to add his name to the quilt top yet, but need to prep the fabric for the letters.   should be simple (ha!) to quilt and finish because she doesn't want batting and i"m using a med-dk grey flannel for the backing.    I'm hoping to finish this up this week.  =)

Next up for me (well other than trying to survive the end of the school year) is to get several commissions completed - 4 more scrub tops, the three leather knife sheaths, and baste the commissioned quilt top so that I can get it quilted.  Enough to keep me out of trouble....maybe......


Suztats said...

i don't know how you find so much stitching time.......especially with working full time, and doing commissions, too. I'm dizzy just thinking about it! ;-)
Wonderful projects all, and I really like the owl snack mat. What a treasure the baby memory quilt will be.

Debra Lynn Dixon said...

Always loved the Suzy Critters from back in the day!

Cyra said...

The Block-Quilts quilt is gorgeous. Such a wonderful combination of blocks together, love it.
I also love your cross-stitched pieces. I just don't know how you manage to achieve so much in one week.

ladyhawthorne said...

They are all wonderful projects! Love that bunny mat!

cq4fun said...

I see more snack mats in your future! LOL Great work.

Moira said...

22 more mats at least 'cause I have that many more small cross pieces that I need to do something with!