March 1, 2016

Suz: Merry March

Happy March 1st!  So why am I merry? Firstly, because it is March, and we're that much closer to spring! Secondly, March is roaring in like a lion, with storms expected all over Ontario today. Even though I'm not looking forward to the storm, maybe the remainder of March will be lamb-like?........ Well, I can hope, can't I?
On the stitching front, I've made some progress on the crewel project. Considering the number of times I've pierced myself with the needle, maybe that should be cruel project, instead? lol

I'm pleased with how it's coming along, and with the colour choices I've made.

More buttonhole lace was added in several places,
and now this wrapping cloth piece is finished! yay!

The new piece is already tacked.

I've even begun the titivations with a frill and some bullions.

 Last weekend was all about colour as I used my fabric paints to define some vibrant, and some subtle, laces for upcoming projects.

It was an experiment, and I'm very pleased with the results!

I especially like the soft, mottled look of these pieces.

some of my favourites

 More colour was happening on the back porch as I tried my hand at snow dyeing for the first time.

Don't the colours look wonderfully rich?

It got cold again so the snow hasn't all melted.  I think I'll have to bring the tub inside for the process to finish. I'll post the results next time.

My amaryllis has bloomed ( I was late re-potting it) with 2 flowers on the stalk, and cheers up the living-room, even though the snow can be seen through the window behind it.
My red amaryllis should be in bloom soon.

I was drawn to the window this morning by a rumble of raucous sounds. These young starlings were fighting over the suet!  I'm happy it's finally being eaten.

I hope you've had a creative and fun-filled week.
Hugs from Suz


ladyhawthorne said...

Oh that cruel crewel. Sometimes I wear bandaids just to keep from poking myself. Love all the painted pieces, I bet that was fun and I can't wait to see your snow dyed project!

We only got one dusting of snow this year, now we are in the 70sF already and I planted potatoes yesterday.

Moira said...

I know the problem of poking oneself - been doing that a lot with the t-shirt quilt. Hope your fingers heal quickly.

The laces you've painted are lovely. Am looking forward to seeing where you use them.