March 29, 2016

Suz: March Wanes

Even though March roared in, it doesn't look as though it'll be creeping out in a lamb-like fashion. The weatherman warned that more snow and an artic vortex is coming our way. !
Aw, c'mon! It's almost April!
My DH shared his cold with me. Sometimes I think he takes that "share and share alike" concept just a little too far!    lol      So that means I've just been doing some simple stitching.
Lots of buttonhole stitch, buttonhole lace and a few french knots on the wrapping cloth so far.

I laid out the completed wrapping cloth pieces (and 2 awaiting tacking) to guage just how large my wrapping cloth might be when all the pieces were edged and joined together. The measure on the tape is at 48". I suspect the finished cloth will be ~ 3.5' x 4.5' if I don't add more pieces (except to fill in holes)
This piece of lutradur was painted with metallic paints. I then drew a pattern onto the surface with a brown sharpie.
Using 2 of  Lorraine's threads, in variegated green/yellow/blue  I began to backstitch.
(#8 perle cotton colours #28 and #158)

The metallic paint made the surface glow beautifully and the result reminded me of  beautiful verdigris on copper.

 I began to stitch on a second piece of painted lutradur. I used another of Lorraine's variegated threads for the fancy stitched hexagons.
(#8 perle cotton colour #6)
I love how rich this looks.

 I wanted to play with some paints, so I made several background pieces. These will turn into cards, or doodles, or maybe backgrounds for stamping or gelli prints.
 I love the drips and watching them merge to create new colours.

Wanting a bit more play with paints, I made a pile of small doodle-bits. Some may be a bit dark, but I'll have fun experimenting.

a small selection
 Using gel pens, markers, gelatos and paint, the following 3 pieces took shape. I may use them on cards or in a journal, or as a tag. They are fun!

You can see the shimmer of the metallic paint

These doodle-bits could become addictive. ;-)
Will I add stitch to some of these?

That's my week. I hope yours has been a fun and creative week, too.

Hugs from Suz



ladyhawthorne said...

You have had a lot of fun! I really love the painted and stitched pieces, if it is a fabric that can move, I can see it made into a fabulous jacket or maybe a designer purse.

Suztats said...

It's more a fiber than a fabric, Angela. It's stiff like tyvek. I think a purse would be very possible, but I don't think it's washable-- the pieces were won in a giveaway some time ago, and I don't have any info on them.

Judy S. said...

Gosh, your cold didn't seem to affect your creativity, Suz. Love all your projects and hope you're feeling lots better soon. Fixed the link; it should work now. You just click on what you want to hear.

Moira said...

So creative! love all teh work.

Debra Lynn Dixon said...

Nice seeing the wrapping cloth laid out after all these years! :-)

Barbara C said...

You've got such fun projects going. The stitching is a great accent for your painted pieces, and yes, it's amazing to see all those wrapping cloths together.