March 15, 2016

Suz: The Ides of March

Yes, it's the middle of March. Already.
There has been a bit of stitching over the past week:

3 more Dorset Buttons were added to the stash
 Although there was a bit more added to flower #2, it's not enough to show. I did, however, add a darker green to the three top leaves in flower #1. I used whip stitch into the back stitch edging, and I think those leaves no longer seem to disappear.

The wrapping cloth piece in progress. Lots of bullion knots, some french knots, and buttonhole stitch has happened. I shaped the tag and buttonhole lace into a cup. 

There's a bit more stitching to add to this piece.
a closer look at some of the bullion knot edging. Although not shown in this photo, the lace on the wild fabric pocket has now been edged with buttonhole stitch.

I did play with my gelli plate and made a series of gift tags. Unfortunately, the irridescent paint doesn't really show up in the photos.

I may add stamping to some of the tags.

The red amaryllis finally bloomed! 4 large blossoms on this stalk. Isn't she a beauty?

It certainly brightens up the living-room on grey spring days.

That's my week. I hope yours has been a creative and blessed one.

Hugs from Suz


ladyhawthorne said...

The Dorset buttons are great, especially the heart shaped one.
Great colors on the flower.
Looks like you are still having fun with the wrapping cloth.
Nice tags, I bet those were fun too.
Oh my, I love amaryllis and that one is a beauty.

Debra Lynn Dixon said...

One of these days the wrapping cloth will be done??

Suztats said...

Maybe, Debra. ;-O