March 8, 2016

Susan: CQJP2016 for February

Even if I do say so myself, this turned out cute. Getting this done was a big thing. The bird is from one of Jenny's designs and the rest I sketched in and then stitched.


The bird body is in outline stitch, and the rest of the block is in backstitch.

Seams 13-16 are here, worked from the center to each side, starting with the blue lazy daisy embellishments on the Y stitches. That was close to the Val Bothell Stitch 123, only I embellished more. #14 was inspired by Stitch #122, though mine finished completely differently, because of the space I had.

To the right side, I was inspired by Stitch #151 and, to the left, by Stitch #170. Two triangle areas to go and February's block is finished.

Sorry, Judy, next week the full, finished block.


Judy S. said...

Love that birdie!

Suztats said...

Me, too! All nice seams.

ladyhawthorne said...

Cute birdie! I love the seams and the colors you chose.

Moira said...

Love, love, love the birdie. =) All of the colors and seam treatments are great.

Barbara C said...

Beautiful stitching in Spring colors in both pieces!