March 15, 2016

Moira: distractions.....

Progress made, but not as much as I should have made on somethings.  I was easily distracted this week because of things that have been going on medically and otherwise.   Did make progress on the t-shirt quilt.   Got 12 more blocks pinned for quilting and 7 of them quilted (2 of them twice thanks to the upper tension being wonky).

Finished my block entry a day early, and got it posted on time.   I like the block, but I'm sooooo not gonna have fun quilting over it with all the seams in it.

Next up was a quilt top that was not on the "needs to be done" (aka all the commissions that I have here at this time).   Used more of the novelty prints that I've had sitting around here after cutting swatches to sell.   Wrote a tutorial for it because several had asked for and posted it to my blog here.   This will be a donation quilt for Sunshine.

Next distraction came about when I started sorting out some scraps to send to a friend....and then I took a look at the cross-stitch pieces I'd pulled to make mug rugs or snack mats from.   One set of scraps perfect to go iwth one of them got pulled back out and are now used up.  Snack mat is finished except for binding and I need to decide what color to use for that.   Once that decision is made then I can go stash-diving to find a fabric that will work.

Final project finished was a cross-stitch ornament that I started several yrs ago and only worked on while traveling.   I finished it off this past Friday while I was at the doc's office for the first of four chemo treatments that will hopefully stabilize my plately counts.  Three more weekly treatments to go, with the possibility of more if my counts don't cooperate.   So more cross-stitch will be done, thankfully I have several small kits that I can work on and not go crazy.  =)


ladyhawthorne said...

That's a lot to have gotten done in a week. Love the triangles in the first picture, the colors are gorgeous. Another superb quilt top. The cute bunny mat is indeed a perfect match of fabrics. And who doesn't love kitties at Christmas!

Debra Lynn Dixon said...

I agree. Lots of work done.

Suztats said...

I do like your entry quilt! So many pieces, but to great effect. It looks like it's shimmering. Love the bunny mat. So cute and enticing with the look of spring.