March 15, 2016

Angela ~ Making Rope

I have been working on a little project at night while I watch videos.  Rope!
This rope is very strong and it's free!  
It's made of braided sections of plastic grocery sacks. 
I filled a gallon size jar with all the strips I cut, yes we had a lot of plastic grocery sacks saved up ... because you just never know when you will need one!
If you are interested, there is more info and a video tutorial on my blog.
And yes, that's a scrolling embroidery frame it is wrapped around.
Sorry no stitching, other things got in the way last week and garden work may very well take up this week.


Debra Lynn Dixon said...


Suztats said...

What are your plans for the rope? Mats? Rugs? knitted bags? Great recycling idea.

ladyhawthorne said...

I'm not sure yet, but it's nice to get the bags of bags out of the broom closet!