February 2, 2016

Suz: Back to Stitching

Hi everyone! Now that our family has returned to Australia ( we had a wonderful whirlwind time!!)  there's been opportunities for more embroidery, painting and creating.
Two weeks ago at our Guild meeting, we painted on fabric and then began to embroider the painted designs.
 The first test painting produced this cathedral windows design. I'll add some stitching in a variegated thread.
I used a stencil to create this painted design, and began adding thread as soon as the paint was dry. I really like the movement in this piece, and plan to use it to make either a bag or a book cover.

 The following week, I received a blank dishtowel to stitch for the upcoming FiberFest. I used an old iron-on stencil and added two roosters to the dishtowel.
I used my fabric paints to add colour.
The two roosters are similar, but not exactly the same.
Adding a variegated red Valdani thread makes the design pop.

The last photo shows rooster 1 almost finished. It's now complete and I'm stitching rooster #2. The red thread matches the red borders on the dishtowel. I think it'll be a hit!

Hope you've had a creative week, too.
Hugs from Suz


ladyhawthorne said...

Those look like some fun projects! I especially like the rooster, very perky!

Moira said...

The rooster is so fun! It turned out great. I like the one you used the stencil on as well.

Barbara C said...

What great projects: you get a lot of impact from stitching over the stenciled designs.

cq4fun said...

I love the roosters! The stitching does make everything come alive. The painted parts at the beginning look like interesting projects you'll show us completed and I am so curious to see how they look then.