February 23, 2016

Suz: 1 WIP and 1 Beginning

The WIP is my Wrapping Cloth piece # 16, sadly neglected over the holidays and while our family was visiting.

I finished the long row of bullions

and added several rows of buttonhole lace to this section. I like how the fancy picot ruffles raise the edge of the lace to give it movement.

More buttonhole lace was begun on the hanky edging. I may add a few more rows.

WC piece #16 so far. There's not too much more to add. Then on to #17.

This is a new beginning. I've transferred one of Hazel Blomkamp's crewel designs to a piece of silk. This design is called "A sherry for Jack"  from her book  "Crewel intentions".
I love her approach and how she uses embroidery floss and other threads instead of wool for the crewel work. (wool doesn't like me)

I discovered, to my dismay, that I am unable to see clearly enough to create the finely detailed fillings that Hazel recommends, even when using my magnifier!
So, I've decided to ad-lib and create some of my own fillings. I'm using threads I have on hand, too, rather than purchasing new ones to match her colour choices.

Progress to date:
Although my piece may not be as complex, I'm enjoying finding my own path within Hazel's design. It will mean that this piece will be different, but I'm okay with that.

In fact, I think I prefer it that way.

I spotted three fence-sitters this morning, soaking up the warmth of the sun and awaiting their turn at the feeders.
Although the rain over the weekend melted most of the white stuff, we're expecting another series of snow-blasts over the next week.
I hope your week has had lots of sunshine and creative time.

Hugs from Suz


Moira said...

The crewel piece looks like it will be an interesting piece to work on. I'm looking forward to seeing all of what you do on it.

ladyhawthorne said...

Great crewel piece and I love that you are going down your own path with it.

Barbara C said...

That buttonhole lace is very pretty. I don't think I've seen that stitch before.

Suztats said...

Barbara, the buttonhole lace stitch I usually use is a variation of the norm, and one I've only seen mentioned in an older book I have. Rather than creating the buttonhole stitch in the swag of the previous row, I stitch into the loop of the previous row, and subsequent rows. This makes a sturdier stitch, I think, and it's more like a firm grid shape rather than the loopy look of the standard buttonhole lace. It does take a little longer to do, but I don't mind that. :-)

cq4fun said...

Creative time, yes. Sunshine, not so much. I like all your buttonhole lace, particularly on the hankie edge. How many WCs are there going to be? I also like that you are following your own path on the crewel. It seems quite a nicely done path, so far!

Suztats said...

cq4fun I'm on WC piece #16, but I have 5 more pieces ready for tacking and embellishing. Soon, I'll get out all the pieces and organize them to be sewn together. Then I'll know if I need more pieces to square off the piece, or fill in little areas. It'll be a while, yet, I think. Thanks.

Judy S. said...

This is such a pretty project, Suz! I love the touches of color and your stitching is fabulous.