February 2, 2016

Moira - T-shirt Progress

Lots of sewing went on over the weekend on the t-shirt quilt.  The back side of the quilt is now together except for the final row of sashing.   I hadn't quite made enough sashing strips, so I still need to finish that after making more sashing strips.

Final size of quilt will be approximately 87" wide by 118" or so long.   Just gonna fit on the kingsize batting that I have for it.
Am glad that I have the tables at school to quilt this one since I'm going to have to use my little machine for that.    I'll be earning the money for sure wrestling it thru the machine.

Also made up the second pillow for my customer.  4 more pillows to go, and the front side of the quilt.

Snow day today here, so no school - YEAH.   Lots of drifting snow (18-24" drifts here at the apts by the building) and hazardous travel conditions.   So I get to stay home and have fun sewing.  =)  Will be making more of the strip sets for the sashing and start to prep more t-shirts.

Also need to get my next design nailed down for the block contest so that I can get it made and entered in time.

Am also in process of deciding what on what UFO's I want to work on and finish up this year.   I've decided to start with some of the umpteen sets of swap blocks that I have.  And also will be working to work on using some of the many finished, but unframed/used, cross-stitch pieces that I have.   Have a bunch of them that are 5" by 7" or so when finished and have decided to make mug rugs or snack mats from them, either for gifts or to sell.


ladyhawthorne said...

That's a fabulous quilt and I'm sure will be much loved.

Suztats said...

The T-shirt quilt looks great! Happy UFO sorting. I should do that, too. :-O

Barbara C said...

That's a big quilt to wrestle, but it does look great. Enjoy your snow days. I wish we had those here.

desertskyquilts said...

What wonderful orange and black. I really love the pillow matching the quilt.