February 23, 2016

Moira: Progress being made

Finished the front to the T-shirt quilt this morning.  Am thankful to have this much finished on the quilt.  Next up is finding the yellow headed quilt pins that I need to take and pin it together with so I can get the quilting started.  

Still aiming to have it all finished by the middle of March...hopefully I'll be able to hold to that schedule with all that is coming up at school, medical issues and the new PT job that I've got.

Next up are the four pillows that I need to get done for the same customer and more scrub tops for my very patient, long-time customer.  Need to get at leas 6 more done before I ship a batch to her and want them done before the middle of March as well if I can manage it.

 And for a change of pace - I bordered a couple of orphan blocks with black to bring them up to 9.5" square.   These will be mug rugs and I'm debating on whether to leave them as is, or to add on a section to one side on each of them to make them rectangular.   The original blocks were from patterns published by the now defunct Foundation Piecer and had been two of 12 stained glass patterns.   I used hand-dyed fabrics in them and love how they turned out......but they were a pain to make and very tedious.   And taking out the tissue paper I used as a foundation was a real pain.     These will most likely be put up for sale when finished or may end up as gifts, time will tell.

And finally, when I woke up at 3:30 am on Monday I started a new quilt and got half of it together this morning. There are three more rows each of the novelty prints and the sashing.   Will finish most likely with a double border of white on the inside and some other color on the outside (not sure what yet).   The sashing is made from the leftover strips sets from the t-shirt quilt with solid cornerstones.  The prints are from some novelty prints that I'd cut up yrs ago to set in swatch sets.   Am thinking I'll write this one up as a pattern.  


ladyhawthorne said...

The narrow black & white sashing just makes that t-shirt quilt. The stained glass pieces are gorgeous as is the novelty quilt. Now we know your secret! You never sleep!

Suztats said...

Love the stained glass blocks. The black and white sashing makes the quilt pop. You've been busy, whew, and with working a second job! Don't know how you do it.

Moira said...

Lol, unfortunately the no sleep is gettign to be more true the older I get. =(

I'm so used to working multiple jobs in order to survive that I've just learned to deal with not having a lot of time. But I also rarely go out anywhere and don't have people over so things like that don't take up time. But the second job is so I can pay off bills faster, esp. since I don't know what the long-term forecast for this job is going to be.

Barbara C said...

3:30? Now I know how you accomplish so much. When I can't sleep I sometimes feel like getting up to sew, but usually I'm just too tired. Your stained glass blocks are especially striking. They'll make some lovely mug rugs or mats.

cq4fun said...

Lots of WONDERFUL progress! No need to waste a sleepless hour or three. =)

Judy S. said...

Your work is amazing, Moira. And you are so productive!