February 9, 2016

Moira - Finishing UFO's and other work

This past week has been one where I've been working on getting borders on tops that have been sitting here for months so that they are the right size to send out - got one of those finished up and fabric for 2 more ready to go.   And also put together a couple of tops that started as blocks someone else made with fabric I supplied.   Am looking forward to getting these out of here.

Put together a test block using some of my 2.5" scrappy green and cream HST's.   Haven't decided if I'm going to do more or not.

Did a bunch of prep work for the front of the t-shirt quilt and just about ready to start sewing it together.

And at the moment am currently working on piecing my block entry for the block contest.    Got tomorrow and Wed to finish it 'cause it has to be posted by Wed. nite.


ladyhawthorne said...

So many pretty quilt tops! The 3rd one with the Hawaiian looking flowers is just gorgeous.

Suztats said...

You must've been sewing like crazy! Those yellow flowers do pop.

cq4fun said...

I really like the first one a lot, though they're all nice, but you know my favorite is the green one. =)

Moira said...

Yup, I was sewing like crazy...just one of those weekends when i just needed to sew. =)

Barbara C said...

It must feel great to get borders on those quilts. I too love the one with the floating yellow flowers.