February 2, 2016

Barbara: Chevron-mania

I'm crazy for chevrons, and I've been knitting a couple of different versions knitting the free ZickZack Scarf pattern .  It's one of my favorite kinds of scarf patterns: a simple 1-row repeat, and a great palette for color play.

I'm knitting the first version from two contrasting balls of self-striping sock yarn.  I love the colors and textures and want to keep knitting just to see how the colors are going to line up next.

But I'm having even more fun knitting a narrower scarf from my stash of self-striping sock yarn leftovers.  I have a pretty good supply of these small balls, and I culled colors in the blue-orange-brown range, and I'm about to throw in a bit of purple for good measure.

I'm alternating the organge-brown yarns with the blues and purples, and enjoying the visual treat.


ladyhawthorne said...

How fun, I love things where you don't really know how it will end up!

Suztats said...

Nice colourways you're using! It looks great!

Moira said...

love how the colors are working up in the scarves, esp. the blues/browns/purples

cq4fun said...

I really like how both scarves keep changing color. These are so lovely. Kind of fun not to know exactly where you will end.