January 12, 2016

Susan: Postcard from Heaven

Darn, Tuesdays just keep creeping up on me before I realize it! I should have scheduled a post after my finish on Saturday, but sometimes life is too filled with fun to stop. Ha, ha, ha.

For CQJP2016, I'm using Jenny of Elefantz and Allie-Oops's Postcards From Heaven monthly patterns as centers. I spent Saturday afternoon stitching the first one and am making my block on Thursday after, after the dentist. Gotta have some reward for those visits! Luckily, he's a great dentist and I like him a lot.

I'm using Allie's KJV verses because that's the Bible I use. This first one was fun and I made it a 5 cent stamp because I remember those quite well. Postcards were probably a lot less, though!

Jenny of Elefantz postcard posts are gathered here.

Allie-Oops posts are here.


Moira said...

Love the idea of using these as the centers of your CQJP project this year!

It turned out soooooooooooo cute.

ladyhawthorne said...

That's a really cool idea! Very nice to look at and very nice to remember as you read it!

Barbara C said...

Great idea for your CQJP. These will make charming centers.

Judy S. said...

Love it! Didn't they used to be called penny postcards? At any rate I remember 3 cent stamps, but then I'm ancient, right?

cq4fun said...

Judy, I don't think you are any older than I am. Maybe you mailed postcards sooner. =)