January 20, 2016

Moira - Finishes and Projects In Progress, and running late

Got a lot done over this past weekend but with everthing going on these days am running late posting this update.....sigh.............

Finished off the 5 mug rugs that I had in process.   One of which has been sold and I forgot to get a picture of it finished.   Oops.....oh well, still have a pic of it with just the top done.  All of these started with UFO blocks so that stash is going down bit by bit.  

And actually it has dropped enough that I was able to put it into a smaller tote so that I could use the large one for my fossil fern fabrics stash which had outgrown the original tote I had them in.

Next up was a quilt top that started with a bunch of mottled brown triangles left over from a very long ago project that I found in my scraps as I sorted and put away an over-flowing mess of scraps from my move 3 months ago.   Haven't a clue what the original project was now, but these triangles are now in a lap quilt that will be going to a family who lost most everything in a Tx tornado at Christmas.

The colors that ended up in the quilt are the brown mottled, a mossy green & cream stripe and tan.  As it happened those were the colors she decorates with.   Hadn't been thinking of that when I pulled the fab's but love it when things just fall into place.

The final project started this past weekend  was the first of 6 pillows made from t-shirts for the same guy who ordered the t-shirt quilt.  Easy and quick to make.   Have also started on what seems like a bazillion strips sets of black and white kona.   Hoping this weekend to start cutting the t-shirts down to size so I can start putting it together.

But reality is also intruding for me - only 1.5 wks left in this semester and it's time to write a final exam for 2 of my classes and tweak those already written for the other 3 classes.   And there are three weekends that i'll be tied up at least part of the time with selling concessions with the club that i'm an advisor for.....such fun....NOT!   lol


Debra Lynn Dixon said...

That's a great pillow!

cq4fun said...

I love all your finishes, and look forward to seeing that quilt finished. That pillow is a hoot! What an interesting guy your client must be. ;)

ladyhawthorne said...

Well, at least you won't get bored! The mug rugs are wonderful and so is the pillow. I know that family that gets the quilt will be very appreciative!