January 5, 2016

Moira - Back from vacation and busy, busy, busy

Was in Arizona for 10 days on Christmas vacation.   Had a great time spending time with family and friends.   Got my eyes checked out (and a new prescription!), finally got into the smart phone age with a new phone and carrier, and enjoyed lots of good meals.

Also had a great time quilt shop-hopping - mainly in Phoenix, but did get by one store in Tucson.  Was able to do most of the shopping I needed to get done for a swap that I'm in, way early, but with the lack of available shops out here I took advantage of my time there.   Got a number of fabs for me as well, surprised?  =)  First two pics here show some of the goodies that I came home with.  Pattern is wool work, and yes I came home with the wool to make at least a couple of them. I think I'm going to use a heavy flannel for the black background instead of wool....unless I have something in the felted sweaters that I have that would work for that.   Just need to find where that tote is.    The pincushion in the second pic was a gift from a friend.

Unfortunately I also managed to have the dratted sinus infection that I'd been fighting before leaving rebound on me with more force than before.   So it is back to the doctor for me and trying to figure out how to knock this dratted thing once and for all.   Unfortunately this time it has also hit the vocal cords and I have laryngitis on top of everything with the sinuses.  So I can only manage to talk at a bare whisper........makes teaching so much fun to say the least!  
Yesterday tho I did get back to quilting....and unfortunately a bunch of frog-stitching as well because I was having the dickens of a time trying to follow my sketch for a quilt top I was working on.   You can see what I mean at the bottom of the pic....that oopsie was the last one that hadn't been caught before posting the pic on Facebook.   It was fixed this morning.

All of the green and cream fabrics in this quilt were made with the leftovers of a wedding quilt I made back in 2014 for my nephew.  The pink was from leftovers from one of the many scrub tops that I've made over the years.      As it is now, the quilt top is 48" square.    And it is already sold as well - a quilting friend is buying it from me.   I just need to enlarge it to approximately 50 by 60 inches.

The current plan is to put a border around the outside of this center that is 3.5" squares of the neutrals.  I'll then add borders to the top and bottom (also surrounded by the neutrals) to increase the length.  I've got a little more of the pink left that I want to incorporate in the borders, so I need to look at block design possibilities - Maybe churn dashes or smaller stars.   Have some 2.5" HST's that I can use for the border blocks.

Once this is in progress for the borders, then it will be onto prepping the t-shirts for the commissioned quilt that is next up on my plate for January and February.   Oh and making my entry block for the competition as well....lol.


desertskyquilts said...

I'm so glad you have relaxed and are not plunging into a round of must-do. LOL That's a great woolwork pattern!

ladyhawthorne said...

Looks like a pretty nice haul of crafting goodness, glad you had a good vacation. The green quilt is looking pretty wonderful!

Judy S. said...

Wow, you have been busy and all sounds like fun except the sinus infection. Hope you manage to shake it real soon! Happy New Year!

Debra Lynn Dixon said...

The green quilt is my favorite!

Barbara C said...

Beautiful quilt! I can see why it sold before it was even finished.

Moira said...

Thanks everyone!