January 19, 2016

Debra: Organizing Stuff

It appears my organization business is going to take off nicely here very soon.  I've been hired to help my boyfriend (yep, that's right!) organize his house and help him get it on the market. (His sister insisted he hire me and I don't want to come between siblings!)  His house has some structural problems, like a cracked foundation, so he needs to move into a different house & get his current house fixed.  I'm working in what I think of as layers of organizing.  I'm still going through his parents' things and trying to understand what will go to his new house and what can be sold.  Facebook has been my friend for reselling some items from his mother.  I'm so thankful for my new SUV.  I've turned into a real peddler pulling into parking lots and selling out of the back!

I have another client who plans to reorganize her whole house and then get started on some decorating so that sounds like a long-term arrangement.  She's been talking to her friends about me so I hope that snowballs.

I helped sort clothes for a prestigious boutique styled thrift store the other day.  It helped me network with the other ladies from church who went too.  I ended up passing my card to all of them.  I was especially pleased because the one person I wanted to talk to, the Caring Support Director (Grief, Divorce, etc) about the Memorial pillows and quilts approached me.  So, that solved that problem.  She'll network for me with the support participants.   I'm sure it will be a slow build but I feel like I am on the right path to help people.

I have a few quilt tops to quilt this week or next so will share them.  Haven't done any more work on my scarf idea.  My friend Pamela who works with me on The Good Stuff Company items has laid claim to it!

Have a great week! 


ladyhawthorne said...

The new business sounds perfect for you and I'm glad you have found someone special! Looks like God is opening up doors all over for you!

Barbara C said...

This is the time of year when people are organizing their homes, so you've had great timing launching this new line of business. Congrats on the new boyfriend! It looks like things are going very well indeed.

Moira said...

Here's hoping the new business(es!) will be a blessing for you.

cq4fun said...

I'm so glad to hear this! That's a great service, and nicer if you can get paid for doing it. I see things are progressing in personal areas, too. ;) I know I need someone to organize me, or maybe just to go through things when I'm not looking and get rid of stuff! LOL. Hopefully some things will be leaving my garage soon - things that aren't mine!