January 26, 2016

Angela ~ Getting Serious About Working for Myself

As some of you know, my last job ended just over 2 years ago and I moved to my parents home because I could not find another job quickly enough and unemployment would not cover my bills.  Sadly I still have not found a job here even though I have had some great interviews.  Part of this may be my age (late 50s) and partly because this is such a small town (pop. 5500) that's too far away from a large city (Ft Worth is over 2 hours away).

At any rate, as I need to help my folks more and be here when they need me,  I have decided to get really serious about my Ebay and Etsy selling while still continuing to look for local work, perhaps part time.  I'm not going to consider Ebay a hobby anymore.

Recently I joined a Facebook group of people who sell on Ebay and am reading the blogs & watching videos of people who also do this for a living.  I am trying to learn what kinds and brands of items sell well for good money, especially clothes, shoes, purses and maybe toys, those items I know very little about.

I found this at Goodwill a couple weeks ago for 99¢.
It was the only one there was (darn) and in perfect condition, This Waterford Crystal whiskey glass sold for $40.

I'm off to a great start so far this month with sales from Ebay and Etsy.  But sadly there was no time for stitching anything this past week.  I hope to have something with stitches to show next week!


Debra Lynn Dixon said...

I'd be interested in knowing about some of the links too.

Let me know what I can find for you to sell. Always ready to enable (oh I meant help) a fellow scrounger! :-)

Debra Lynn Dixon said...

What's the name of you vintage shop on etsy?

ladyhawthorne said...

The vintage shop on Etsy is NanasVintageAttic
I'll send you some links.

Debra Lynn Dixon said...


Judy S. said...

I'll bet you do very well, Angela! At any rate, I wish you the BEST!!!

Barbara C said...

I hope you make many more sales like the Waterford glass. You've got a great eye, so I'm sure you'll do well.

Moira said...

I'm wishing you all the best in working to make your Etsy and Ebay sales into a viable living. I know you'll do well at it.