December 29, 2015

Susan: Still Plugging Along

Seam 65, taken from Val Bothell's Stitch 222
I didn't want it to interfere with other stitching, so I used random spacing, and left the top and bottom areas for the intersecting seams.

Corner 28. Realizing I had no spider web on any block, I made this one in the corner. I let the tree go into a little, too.

Motif 1. Another I hadn't done is a motif, such as a tree. I think there might be a tree somewhere, but I could just be imagining that. Now there's definitely one. Inspired by Kathy Shaw, but not in as large a space. Still needs a little embellishment on the buttonhole stitches at the bottom.

There were also beads added to the small oval wreath corner.

And for Judy, here's the finished part of the block, with more to come.


Debra Lynn Dixon said...

that's a swell tree!

ladyhawthorne said...

Beautiful! I love the tree. The spider & web is wonderfully done but I just can't do spiders. Especially after we had a plague of them here this summer, big ones!

Barbara C said...

Lovely block, and I like you spider.

Judy S. said...

Thank you, Susan! Looks like that spider is after a juicy fly?! Great stitching!

Moira said...

Perfect additions to the block and quilt. =)