December 1, 2015

Susan: Just Random Goodness

I had no time to stitch this week, but I've worked on the following things off and on all week. Blogspot was not cooperating (oh what a shock that is!), so I just copied the photo links from WordPress. I didn't bother to insert additional html or css to center them.

Calico Rose is finished, but I can only get 25% of it in a photo, because it's too big to lay out anywhere in the house. Too wet outside.  


The Scrap Vortex is actually 3 blocks further along than this after this morning, but this will do. You've seen one scrap, you've seen them all.




This is as far as I took the jelly roll. It's going to be cut into 4 baby quilt centers, appropriately named Pink Stinks II-V, but that's probably for later in December, or maybe even January.


And this is Pink Stinks I:


I guess that's enough for one post. Hopefully, I'll be getting started on my last Wizard of Oz block tomorrow.


Judy S. said...

Well, even though you "had no time to stitch," it looks like you did a lot of sewing which surely counts in my book! Pink stinks? I don't think Sophia would agree with you.

ladyhawthorne said...

Love the Pink Stinks series! Great name too.
The calico rose is my favorite kind of quilt, lots of random color blocks with white or off white. Just beautiful!

Debra Lynn Dixon said...

Loving all the pink!!

Barbara C said...

Beautiful quilts. I am going to have to start one of those Scrap Vortex quilts, they look so fun.

Suztats said...

I love the pink stinks series! And calico rose is very pretty. That's a lot of nice stitching.

Moira said...

Loving all of the progress you made. Love the layout on the pink stinks I. How big did you make the blocks?

cq4fun said...

I think they were 16.5 unfinished.