December 15, 2015

Susan: CQJP2015 Update on Last Block

I sat with a friend while her husband was in surgery and got two small parts done, both of which still need beads. The corner was just doodling with straight stitches and feather stitching:

Corner 27:

This seam was just pure doodling. I was there with not much of a booklet for ideas, and the first set of Pintangle templates, and this is what happened. Sorry for the shadows, but the sun was shining so I thought I'd get better pictures outside. Ha, ha! I do better with the flash inside.

Seam 64:


Moira said...

Love your doodling! Block is looking good.

ladyhawthorne said...

Pretty darn nice for doodling!

Judy S. said...

Nice doodles! The flowers make me think of iris and spring!

Barbara C said...

Lovely stitching!