December 15, 2015

Moira - UFO Blocks, Scraps and Christmas Gifts

What do UFO blocks, scraps and Christmas gifts have in common you ask - well my scraps and UFO blocks were a great place to start looking for starting points for some of the Christmas gifts that I needed to get made this weekend.

First up were two sweatshirts that needed to be embellished.  Found the fabrics for both in my scrap fabrics.  Gotta love being able to use up things like that.

Next up were three mug rugs / snack mats that I needed for gifts.  All three that were completed came from my UFO block tote.  The Butterfly block and the purple & light blue checkerboard ones were from UFO's that other people had given me at some point in the past.  The green one started with leftover triangles from a project that I had done at some point in the past. 

I added the machine embroidered words to all of them.  Had to used sew-in interfacing for stabilizing because I couldn't find my stitch-n-tear.   Worked ok, just had to cut away the extra.   Stitching wasn't perfect, but then again neither is the maker.

On these I tried pressing the binding flat on the front side before hand-stitching down on the back and it went down so much nicer.  Might have to start doing that on all of my quilts, well the smaller ones at any rate.


ladyhawthorne said...

You have some lucky people on your gift list and well done on using up UFOs and scraps!

cq4fun said...

I especially like the script alphabet. What machine is that?

Judy S. said...

Love your mug mats! The sweatshirts are nice, too.

Moira said...

I used word to create the pattern for both alphabets. Script words are at a 120 pt font. After printing them out on paper I traced them onto sewin interfacing 'cause I can't find my stitch n tear. Then did a straight stitch to show the design on the front and finished with satin-stitching on the front. Just used my Kenmore to do it and free-handed it. which is why there are a few bobbles in teh script.

Barbara C said...

Very thougtful gifts, I'm sure they'll be appreciated.