December 22, 2015

Moira - Mug Rugs, T-Shirts, and Travels

Finished off three more mug rugs / snack mats over the weekend to use as Christmas gifts.    All gifts are now made.   Just a couple of gift cards to buy once I get to Phoenix this week and I'm done with with getting gifts together.   Woohoo......   Will just need to shop for gift bags and tissue once I'm there so I can package things up for giving.

Two of the mug rugs started with sections of pre-printed panels made by Block Party Studios that I've had for years.  Had the best of intentions to use them when I bought them, but just now finally getting around to actually doing something with at least part of them.

Scraps were used to set the panel in the green snack mat into the left side log cabin block.  Everything else in the mats were orphan blocks.    Nope, I'm not seeing much of a dent in my orphans   But at least a few of them are being used up.

The one with the hearts was an orphan block that someone sent me.  I had to finish the stitching around two of the hearts.   Loved the colors and like how it turned out in this.

Boxes of t-shirts arrived this past week as well.  Twas fun carrying the biggest box of shirts over the icy parking lots and up the stairs into my apt.  At least I'll have a box big enough to ship the quilt home in.  =)  This will be the first big project I start on when I get home from my Christmas travels.

Shirts are all for the Phily Flyers hockey team - I'm gonna be seeing bright orange and black in my   Also on the books to go with the quilt are a possible 5-6 pillows out of the extra shirts that he sent with the 70 for the double-sided quilt.
Lots of fun coming up for me.

One more project that needs to be completed the first of the year is making a new quilted cover for one of the pillows that I use on my bed.  The pillow inside was made by my maternal grandmother many years ago.   She used scraps of the old poly-double knit from clothes that she made for herself to make it and stuffed it with shredded foam.   I use the pillow to help get the elevation that I need when sleeping, but that dratted double knit is rough to sleep on.   It'll last forever and a day  

The cover I made for it way back when I was in high school though is another story.   I used what was available at the time which was poly-cotton.   And guess I can't complain too much about how well it lasted because it had to be close to 40 yrs ago when I made it.    However it is now totally falling apart and needs to be replaced by a new cover.

Haven't decided what kind of pattern i'm going to make for it at this point.   Had thought about using orphan blocks, but don't have anything in there that strikes my fancy.   Might go digging thru the tote with the sets of quilt blocks to see what i've got in there that I could use for it.   Or may design something totally new for it.   It's not like I don't have any fabric that could be used for

This will be my last post for the year because I'm headed out for warmer climates this week as i travel for Christmas to Phoenix to see my parents and friends.     See you all after the first of the year!


Judy S. said...

Love your mug mats! Have a wonderful visit with family, and a very Merry Christmas!

ladyhawthorne said...

As always, I am amazed at how much you get done. Love your little pillow. Have a wonderful and merry Christmas with your family!

cq4fun said...

I love the saying on the first mug rug especially!