December 1, 2015

Moira - busy weekend

Woohoo....I'm actually remembering to write my post early this week!   Miracles do actually

I took advantage of the Thanksgiving weekend and having 5 days off of school to make a lot of headway on getting Christmas gifts made.  I also finished up a couple of mug rugs/snack mats for swaps.

For the Christmas gifts I finished up three pairs of flannel pj pants.   I also made one pair of matching pillowcases and have a second pair of pillowcases almost done.    The mug rugs and snack mats were all made using UFO blocks or leftover sections from other projects.  Binding is hand stitched down.

Top two pics are the mug rugs and the bottom two are snack mats.

I also managed to get all 200+ half-sq triangle blocks pressed open.  Those are now set aside till I have time to work on making blocks from them.  Most likely after I get back from Christmas vacation.  =)

Projects yet in the works - my pattern for the November block contest, three sweatshirts that need to be embellished for Christma gifts, and possibly 3 more sets of pillowcases.


cq4fun said...

A lot of wonderful sewing there! So ... what are people doing for pajama tops? =)

Moira said...

I'm trying to find matching t-shirts, but haven't found anything here in town. Am planning on heading to the "big" city (Cheyenne) over the weekend so will look there to see if I can find anything. If not they'll have to get their own.... ;-)

ladyhawthorne said...

Love the mug rugs and snack mats, very practical and useful!

Barbara C said...

These are all great gifts, so thoughtful and creative.

Judy S. said...

You've been amazingly productive! What fun gifts, too. I love the mug mats!

Suztats said...

That's one busy and productive weekend! Everything looks wonderful, and I'll bet the recipients will be thrilled.