December 29, 2015

Debra: Memorial Pillows

This month I was approached by an acquaintance from a dog rescue group about sewing some memorial pillows.  Her neighbor gave her her mother's coat for the garage sale.  Tammy said when she saw the look on her neighbor's face, she knew she could not sell the coat in her garage sale.  So, she contacted me about sewing some kind of a special pillow for the sisters and granddaughter. 
She was fairly specific about what she wanted & through some careful questioning and considerations, we were able to design these pillows.  The body of the pillow is from the coat and the black band is the coat lining.  The mother loved red and roses so we did some research to find a variety of roses to embroider.  The finished pillow is 12".  

In exchange I received a massive amount of gorgeous velvety 26 x 26 fabric samples.  They will bested in my etsy store.  I have plans to get my Debra Dixon Design store stocked with my raw edge work.  I'll be opening a 2nd store under The Good Stuff Company in January to market my basic scrappy patchwork items, fabrics and home decor collectibles. I'm going to keep Debra Dixon Design for the high end art styled work.

I will be soliciting more machine quilting for 2016.  I'll be concentrating on the t-shirt market. If you are interested in a t-shirt quilt, I'll have a "friend" deal to offer in exchange for photo use in my marketing portfolio. :-)

Here's to a focused 2016 for all of us!  :-)


ladyhawthorne said...

The pillows are gorgeous, perhaps you could market those as a special order through Etsy?

Debra Lynn Dixon said...

Yes, planning to market to the "remembrance/memorial/memorabilia" theme in 2016.

Barbara C said...

These pillow are brilliant. I think they could be more popular than the t-shirt quilts. Embroidering the lining also takes the pressure off of making any mistakes on the wool.

Judy S. said...

Great idea! I'll bet it becomes a popular one. Happy New Year, Debra!

Debra Lynn Dixon said...

Yes, and it is much easier to embroider on a piece of fabric, then cut it to size.

Moira said...

Great work on the pillows, they are lovely. Good luck with your plans for your etsy stores!