December 15, 2015

Barbara's Crocheted Rug from T-Shirt Yarn, and More Potholders

This is a low-text post since I'm in the middle of end-of-the-semester grading.

I got my son to give me his old t-shirts, and I'm crocheting a kitchen rug for him.  I'm doing single crochet: 30 stitches wide with a size Q/19 hook, which gives me about an 18" wide rug.  I got about 3/4 of the desired length with 10 shirts, and I just picked up a few more from the thrift store.

You can google instructions for making t-shirt yarn, but here are a few pictures in lieu of directions.

For this project, I cut the strips 1: wide.  If you want to knit with this yarn, cut it narrower.

Make a continuous  strip by cutting at an angle vs straight across.

Give the strips a good pull every yard or so and it will curl up on itself nicely.

More potholders!


Judy S. said...

Did your t-shirts have side seams? It seems like lots of them do now which makes getting a long length of "yarn" difficult. That is going to be a great rug; that must be an impressive looking hook!

Moira said...

Great way to use up tshirts that aren't worn anymore!

ladyhawthorne said...

Love the rug, I may have to try that one day.
The pot holders are great, colorful and oh so useful!

Barbara C said...

The t-shirts I'm using fortunately have no seams. They're men's undershirts vs the outerwear kind, which I guess are more likely to have seams.