November 10, 2015

Susan: CQJP2015, October

I was hoping to get the corner done, and I might still, but just to be sure I remember to post, here are the seams from this week:

Seam 58 was inspired by about 4 seams from Valerie Bothell on Pinterest. It's a good classic design, and I didn't embellish it with anything extra because I wanted to do a seam above it. I wasn't sure how much space that would take. Besides, I like it with just the lazy daisy stitches. Thread is Sassa Lynne, two different variegated ones.

Seam 59 wasn't what I started to make, at all! But I like it anyway. It developed step-by-step from this seam, #186, of Valerie's:

But here's what I did instead.

Just sort of fun. Also two different variegated Sassa Lynne fine perle (about #8) threads.


ladyhawthorne said...

Lovely seams, all of them! I especially like #58, maybe it's the way that thread shines.

Cyra said...

I like how you changed up seam 59.

Debra Lynn Dixon said...

You can't go wrong with a lazy daisy!

Suztats said...

Both seams look good! Gotta love those Sassa Lynnes!

Judy S. said...

Looks great to me, Susan. Some seams just take on a life of their own, don't they?

Barbara C said...

Lovely work, and very inspiring.