November 24, 2015

Moira - running Late

Oops..........thought about writing my post over the weekend...and then forgot.   Today was the last day of class for the week - YEAH!!!!!!!!   Of course I then started my weekend by having a crown come off for the second time out here.   Sigh..........bridge or implant is on the horizon for me to take care of it.  

On the good side though I have managed to get some sewing done this week.   Been putzing around with a possible rug mug (all right maybe more of a snack mat as Susan would  Still thinking about how to quilt it because it is 7" tall by 12" wide.    Still need to get one more mug rug made by I haven't made up my mind on what i'm gonna use for it.

I also made up over 200 HST's using up cut-off triangles from the wedding quilt I made last year.     To make them I just laid the triangles onto strips of leftover cream tonal fabrics from the same quilt, sewed the diagonal seam and then trimmed to size.  All total, I now have over 200 that are 3.5" unfinished and over 100 that are 2.5" unfinished.

And am still trying to decide what blocks to make with them.   I figure there will be at least 2 and probably 3 quilts to come from these because all the patterns I'm tossing around need an additional color with them.  
I wanted to use scraps with them, but am not finding big enough scraps to work......may go digging into my FQ's to find something that will work.

Patterns I'm considering include the two blocks here among others.  Both need additional colors, but I still want a scrappy look.....decisions, decisions.  Time for stash diving.....

I also pulled fabrics for two quilts (a queen and a throw) for a friend who asked me about them.   Another mutual friend is supposed to pay, but haven't heard back on price.   Total yardage (front and backing) was just over 30 yds for the two quilts and backing has also been pulled for them.  Am hoping price is ok 'cause I could use the money.

Will be sewing this weekend on Christmas gifts if I can get them cut out....and that means I need to find the pj pattern I need for pj pants........wonder where I packed that.......  Also have a commissioned fleece hood/scarf combo to get cut otu and made up.   Lots to keep me busy!


Judy S. said...

Well, at least you did find time to post unlike me. This is a busy time of year, isn't it? I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving in your new home!

ladyhawthorne said...

Hey, we take posts when ever we can get them! Seriously though, you have been busy! Which ever way you decide to go with the quilts and mug rugs, I know they will be fabulous.

cq4fun said...

So are you keeping it on with toothpaste or denture cream? LOL How annoying, but I hope you can get an appointment soon. Enjoy the days off (except I know tomorrow is going to be car pain - I hope your appt. is early, as it looks like it's going to get cold, cold, cold! I hope you don't have to go outside until school on Monday, because that cold isn't going away - I know, you like cold - ugh! I thought you were having a warm winter. I hope this isn't warm!

Suztats said...

I can't imagine having so many scrap pieces that one could use to make 2 quilts! That's some serious fabric. I like both pattern ideas. Hope you can get the crown resolved quickly. Happy Thanksgiving.

Moira said...

The crown is off totally at this point, nothing to keep it on iwth. Thankfully I'd had a root canal in it yrs ago so it doesn't hurt.

And Suztats - that is only a teensy bit of my scraps. I don't even want to think about how many quilts I could get out of my scraps bins alone.