November 25, 2015

Judy ~ Yesterday Was Tuesday, Wasn't It?

This time of year is always a bit crazy, isn't it?  No matter how early I get started, it seems like the calendar speeds up faster.  We've been preparing for a special choir presentation, doing some unplanned for baby sitting, volunteering, lots of stuff,  including holiday knitting....... And so it goes. Each day is gone in a blink of the eye, and once again, I failed to post on time.  This hat turned out way too big for the person it was for, so I'm making another smaller one.

When the youngest grandson saw the rainbow socks, he asked for a red pair.  Hope these fit!

I was in the midst of holiday projects, when DD#1 requested hats and socks for a teacher's baby.  This little infant is facing lots of challenges at birth, so these projects come with lots of good thoughts and best wishes.

A couple Fridays ago, Becca and I went to the annual Block Party Quilters show.  Most of my photos didn't turn out because I was using a different camera, but luckily these two did:

The Camp River Ranch blocks on this t-shirt quilt brought back lots of fun memories of Girl Scout campouts with the daughters.  They both enjoyed summer camp there, too.

This was my very favorite quilt of the whole show.  It's been years since I put on a pair of skates, but I sure had fun when I did!  That's it for now, and for those of you that celebrate the holiday tomorrow, Happy Thanksgiving!


ladyhawthorne said...

Your knitted items are so pretty and much appreciated I'm sure.
Those are really cute quilts, especially the skates, if they were roller skates I'd love it even more.

Moira said...

Great looking knitted items as usual! Great pics of the two quilts from the show. I love the second one and will have to remember that for possible alternate blocks to one I have started with mittens. =)

Suztats said...

Ah, hand-made knitted gifts will not only surround the wearer with warmth, but also with love. I really like the skate quilt, too.