November 17, 2015

Angela ~ Knitted Sock Experiment

I tried, I really tried, for 2 days I tried......over and over learn to knit with double pointed needles. 
I had to go to Youtube to find out how not to have all the stitches on one needle, I worked really hard to keep the stitches from coming off the needle and I tried to get past my OCDness (I'm claiming that as a real word!) and deal with 4 needles, two of which were in my way continually.
 I gave up.
I went to my regular knitting needles.

I need a pair of thick warm socks to wear this winter and I have several balls of partial skeins of a nice thick and nubby yarn.  So I'm knitting the tube socks on regular needles and will make a seam up the center of the top, it should be ok since they are so thick.

It doesn't matter that the colors are a bit off, no one will see them but me & family, I'm using up yarn that would otherwise get thrown out.  If it works I have some more yarn in larger quantity so the socks could be the same all the way through.

Craft show this weekend, weather looks to be nice, wish me luck!


Moira said...

Hmmm.....doing socks with eh seam might be the only way that I could ever make them for myself. Good luck with them!

cq4fun said...

Multi-stripe socks are all the rage now, so you'll be right in style - wear them outside the house, too! I can't knit, no matter how many or how few the needles, so good on you for making something wonderful from your yarn scraps, too.

Debra Lynn Dixon said...

You tried. Can't fault you there!

Barbara C said...

Tube socks are a great place to start. Your knitted fabric looks nice and cozy.

Judy S. said...

Whatever works! Looks like a fun result to me.

Suztats said...

I'm with you on the 4-needle knitting. Looks like your socks will be nice and warm.